Children of the Grave. (That’s you, Gen X)

I know Black Sabbath’s rocking song Children of the Grave is really about hippies, and refers more to my parents than me, I recently came across the thought, that the real children of the grave, the ones who lost their faith in everything, who almost gave up, the ones who really started worshipping death and becoming goth even, those people are Generation X. Those people are me.

If ever a generation really looked at the world that was being left to them as broken, it was us, and the wasteland we have to work with from this point makes us the real Children of the Grave.

Eh, it was a passing thought, but enough to make me doodle it out in my sketchbook. I am wanting to fill in letters with this kind of stuff instead of a solid black field lately. I should make a font like that.

Gen X VersionTexture effect

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