Custom Lettering fun

My favorite: getting a chance to sit down and draw, and for me, most of the time I’m drawing letters.
A lot of the time I want to really make my letters go together in a way that is unique to those letters. Is there a new font in this? Maybe, but right now that’s not the point. Now I just want this set of letters to belong together and to fit together. I forget where I came up with this phrase, but I liked it enough to draw it out. Then it’s just a matter of scanning and drawing it out as a vector piece, and doing something fun with it.

It’s odd what we do for fun. With me, I’m constantly drawing little things like this. My notebooks are full of this stuff, and it’s nice to go ahead and vectorize it and make a nice piece out of it. I might like to come back and re-visit it for a font, what do you think. Got possibilities?

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